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We currently have three categories of directories:
Hunting Lease Agents, Hunting Clubs, and Hunting Guides.

Hunting Lease Agents

The Hunting Lease Agents category is for businesses that operate in Hunting Lease Dealings, such as listing services, selling services etc.
Hunting Lease Agent Listings are Free to be included in the Directory.
While many hunting leases are shared by members across the Hunting Lease Community Groups, we have members of our communities that contact us often regarding lease listing services and or lease locating services.  It is for this reason, that we wanted to include a directory of lease agents on our site that we hope can help these members with their needs.   We hope in time to develop our relationship with agents to offer more services and will be in contact with agents listed in our directory when that time comes. Until then, we invite agents to list their businesses on our site free of charge.
We hope this service will be beneficial to both the agents as well as members of our community!

Hunting Clubs

Hunting Club Listings are free at this time for clubs wanting to list.

Hunting Guides

Hunting Guide Listings in the Directory are free at this time for guides wanting to list.

We offer additional advertising opportunities for guides for featured guide pages as well as social media advertising for their trip offerings. Outfitters interested in additional options can email Info@HuntingLease.Info for opportunities and additional services.

How to List your Business in the Directory:

We have 3 Top categories in our Directory, Hunting Lease Agents, Hunting Clubs, Hunting Guides.
When you sign up to include your business, you will select a category. Note: you will need to select the state under the main category, not the main category.
Example: a hunting guide from Missouri should scroll down to the top category hunting guide and then select the state under that main category. If you have questions regarding how to sign up or issues in the sign-up process, email and we will get back with you.

To get started scroll down and select the button that says create a listing.

Thank you for your interest in the Hunting Lease Community.

As always, we wish you success in the field and Happy Hunting Friends!


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Disclaimer: Businesses listed in the Directory have submitted listings for inclusion for advertising purposes, businesses are not affiliated with the Hunting Lease Community.

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