About Us

The Hunting Lease Community is a project created Sportsmens Media LLC,  a Veteran Owned Marketing and Advertising Company based out of Missouri.

Sportsmens Media LLC provides marketing, consulting, and advertising services for outdoor industry businesses, through website design, social media marketing , marketing strategy development, and television advertising opportunities through partnership and sponsorship.

We provide advertising services to target the hunting and fishing industry audiences.
TV Advertising is via the Pursuit Channel.
The Pursuit Channel airs nationwide on Dish Network Channel 393 and DIRECTV Channel 604 and is available across 38 million TVHH nationally.
The Pursuit Channel has the demographic audience that are American men that love to fish and hunt on their off time.
These men are about keeping the outdoor family traditions they grew up with alive and well.
We created this community after experiencing frustration in trying to locate hunting leases. The idea started by creating a network social media groups in an organized structure so that hunters could join the groups to list and locate leases within the states they were looking.

Within about a month of creation, the communities starting growing faster than anticipated, members starting contacting looking for leases that they were unable to find in the groups, agents started sending available leases to us as well; it was for this reason, we decided to create the site as a one stop shop for information all your hunting lease needs.

We are not lease agents, but rather a military family that has moved many times over the years and found ourselves looking for locations to hunt in our duty stations.

In addition to serving in the military, we produce outdoor television programs that air on the Pursuit Channel and provide marketing and advertising services for outdoor industry businesses, through this site as well as our tv programming.

The Hunting Lease Community is a new concept, we will continue to add content to the site and strive to develop resources.


If you have questions and or suggestions for the site, please email Info@HuntingLease.Info

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In addition to managing the Hunting Lease Community, please also check out the Public Land Hunting Community.