Hunting Lease Community

Welcome to the Hunting Lease Community.

The Hunting Lease Community is a project of Sportsmens Media LLC.

We created this platform after having experienced difficulty in locating hunting leases.

The goal of our community is to make it easier for hunters to find hunting leases and list hunting leases.

The community currently consists of 55 Hunting Lease Community Groups on Facebook.

Members opt to join the groups to either list or find hunting leases.

locate groups,

Like and Follow the Hunting Lease Community on Facebook. 

Click the groups’ tab on the Facebook page to find the list of groups.

You will see the Hunting Lease Community banner across the network of groups.

This is a community driven effort created to help connect hunters to hunting information, resources, and opportunities.

We hope you enjoy the community!

Good Luck and Happy Hunting Friends.

Please feel free to share leases and hunts in the community groups, please refrain from sharing anything else. Outfitters wanting us to advertise hunts across our platform can email

Hunting Lease Community